Hola everyone, my name is Marlane Im 24 years old. I live in a tiny beautiful island called Puerto Rico. I love Disney, mermaids, the ocean, gypsies, dogs and chocolate.
What you will find here? I want to post my art (drawings, painting, craft, sewing, etc). Also post others art that will inspire you. You will also find anime, manga and series stuff mostly (or almost all) of them yuri.


quickie korrasami bc they are too cute

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Ranma and Akane (I think this is from ep. 98)

cute moments


I got caught up thinking about Ruby and Weiss living together, and it was just gonna be one quick doodle and I…lost myself…sorry, backgrounds aren’t my forte and I avoid them for a reason (lol)

It’d be super cute if Weiss worked and Ruby stayed at home, agggh. I want to draw more of this!

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"It’s not your fault, love, you didn’t know…" 
AU: Mei’s last words to Yuzu based on x
amv of this will be made)

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Asami in palette #10 

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